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The Power of Deception


The entity that inspired sin’s contraception

Slithered into the world

Etching a permanent stain on humanity

Euphoria of Eden erased

Rebellion towards the Heavenly Father abased

And even those who say they love Him abuse His grace

So deception even colors our perception

Of who the Heavenly Father is

Just like Lucipher did

We want to be our own god

Chasing after “passions” which are nothing more than misguided erections

With His divine plan there is no connection

Suffering from an unrighteous infection

In desperate need of a salvation injection

But mankind drinks the wine of Babylon

Giving life abundantly to the works of the flesh

Leading to utter hopelessness and everlasting death

Holiness became our kryptonite after we took a bite of that fruit

Now Eve wants to be Adam and Adam wants to be Eve

Deception shouts from the ends of the earth making us believe

That His divine order… is actually disorder…

And then we take the blood of the lamb that was shed

Casting it to the swine

And use our only saving grace to write on the walls of our own castles

Exalting kingdoms built by mere earthly wisdom

Calling perfected beauty a lie

Perverting the scriptural definition of love

Idolizing our own reflections in the mirror

The pride of the life

Replacing the warm embrace of the One who is and is to come

The creation scoffs at the need of any approval from the Creator

Deception sings poisonous melodies

Drowning out that still soft voice

Making empty promises to fill that void

Created by the Heavenly Father where only He can fit

The cries of the flesh draw sympathy from this carnal world

So it roams free from its delayed death sentence

Deception’s agents crowd the battlefield

Drenched in the blood of those who dared to become sons and daughters of the Most High

They will be avenged

On that day deception will come face to face with Absolute Truth

And meet its end in the lake of fire

Along with those who harkened unto its voice and are left standing before the white throne…

Whose side will you be on?

Nathan Allen Copyright© 2012


Posted by on February 27, 2012 in Spirituality

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