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The Hypocrisy of Politics

What’s the point of being against gay marriage and abortion if you’re a racist and a bigot?

How can you tout “Christianity” when your elitism and lack of compassion show that you really don’t live it?

But on the flipside

How can you cry out for social justice if you believe it’s ok for babies to be killed in the womb?

And when your ways of achieving “equality” will only bring us all closer to the tomb?

You can talk about family and God and how they’ve taken prayer out of schools

But I can see your hypocrisy in how you regard different people and how you worship money

You don’t have me fooled

You’re like a wolf in sheep’s clothing

Having only a form of godliness

Full of haughtiness

While the moral compass of those referred to as “liberals” appears to be broken

Pointing us in directions that will only lead to destruction

What good is it to have social justice but no righteousness?

What good is it to have righteousness but no social justice?

A friend of mine said it best…

There is no such thing as a godly politician

And so while millions of dollars get spent on campaigns for who can tell the most lies

There’s a million more mouths of children full of hunger and unanswered cries

Progressiveness is just a fancy way of saying the Bible is no longer relevant

So it’s no surprise that the church has become a big room full of elephants

The tea party wants to take America back

Wants people to stay in their place

While those who fit the mold of what they define as a true American make up the upper echelon of society

But then organizations like the Rainbow Push Coalition and the NAACP are desperate to stay relevant and gain notoriety

I think we all know they need to sit down somewhere…

And so sadly now when I hear the term “Evangelical Christian,” I just cringe

Because most of them believe that Jesus Christ would have been a Republican

Democrats want rights but without responsibility

They operate with a mentality that says “Whatever feels good to me”

Jesus Christ has no political party

Only the ways of the Father

Prophecy will be fulfilled no matter who is elected President every four years

Politics has done nothing but sow discord and the Heavenly Father is shedding tears

While Satan and his minions are now sitting back laughing

Because this country is divided past the point of no return

She will fall, fail, crash and burn

Because it seems as though we will never learn

That “politics” have no place in the Kingdom of God

Nathan Allen Copyright© 2012


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