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The Hypocrisy of Politics

What’s the point of being against gay marriage and abortion if you’re a racist and a bigot?

How can you tout “Christianity” when your elitism and lack of compassion show that you really don’t live it?

But on the flipside

How can you cry out for social justice if you believe it’s ok for babies to be killed in the womb?

And when your ways of achieving “equality” will only bring us all closer to the tomb?

You can talk about family and God and how they’ve taken prayer out of schools

But I can see your hypocrisy in how you regard different people and how you worship money

You don’t have me fooled

You’re like a wolf in sheep’s clothing

Having only a form of godliness

Full of haughtiness

While the moral compass of those referred to as “liberals” appears to be broken

Pointing us in directions that will only lead to destruction

What good is it to have social justice but no righteousness?

What good is it to have righteousness but no social justice?

A friend of mine said it best…

There is no such thing as a godly politician

And so while millions of dollars get spent on campaigns for who can tell the most lies

There’s a million more mouths of children full of hunger and unanswered cries

Progressiveness is just a fancy way of saying the Bible is no longer relevant

So it’s no surprise that the church has become a big room full of elephants

The tea party wants to take America back

Wants people to stay in their place

While those who fit the mold of what they define as a true American make up the upper echelon of society

But then organizations like the Rainbow Push Coalition and the NAACP are desperate to stay relevant and gain notoriety

I think we all know they need to sit down somewhere…

And so sadly now when I hear the term “Evangelical Christian,” I just cringe

Because most of them believe that Jesus Christ would have been a Republican

Democrats want rights but without responsibility

They operate with a mentality that says “Whatever feels good to me”

Jesus Christ has no political party

Only the ways of the Father

Prophecy will be fulfilled no matter who is elected President every four years

Politics has done nothing but sow discord and the Heavenly Father is shedding tears

While Satan and his minions are now sitting back laughing

Because this country is divided past the point of no return

She will fall, fail, crash and burn

Because it seems as though we will never learn

That “politics” have no place in the Kingdom of God

Nathan Allen Copyright© 2012


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I DO See Color

I have a confession to make

That when I look at people, I DO see color…

I see melatonin manifesting in various shades of browns, tans and even buttermilk

Some like coffee beans or toffee, others like caramel or candied yams

Others like peaches and cream

Creating the backdrop of each individual canvas

That was imagined in the heart of the Creator before the very foundations of the earth

And then He began to put together each masterpiece

Just like a collage

A stroke of a brush here

Affixing a shape there

Forming straight, curly, wavy and different hues and textures of hair

And now we have cheek bones high and low

People of every nation uniquely created in His image to show

That we are all wonderful works of art adored by the One

Who is perfected beauty

Eye gates taking shape of almonds, or enchanted with slants

Or circles of brightness, cloaked in innocence or piercing the soul of another

Blue, brown, hazel, green, gray or even a mixture of colors

And whether we know it or not

We were all meant to be sisters and brothers

Big, little, medium, flat and pointed noses

Matters not because we can all still smell the roses

Lips whether thin or full designed to give holy kisses

Speaking in native tongues to spread the gospel around the world

But all can receive a heavenly language while the Holy Spirit intercedes

On our behalf

We all come from the Heavenly Father so we are all the same

But the way He uniquely made us in His image should not bring us shame

And it is not to blame for our human frailty

So let’s celebrate our differences and not ignore them

Appreciate the artistry of God and adore them

The shape of your ears

Does not determine whether or not you can hear

The voice of the Lord

The sound of your voice is not your choice

We are not happenstance

We are all on purpose designed with a purpose

To embrace the narrow ways of the Kingdom culture

To be reconciled back to Him

So yes even though you are my sister you are my brother

I do see your color

And it’s beautiful.

It has become very common for people to make the statement, “I don’t see color.” While I understand the sentiment and intent, I have a different take on race as you can probably see now from my poem. I don’t believe in ignoring differences, I believe in celebrating them. If God wanted us all to be the same then do you think He would have allowed the different ethnicities? Not likely. True enough, our race should NEVER determine our identity because that is found in Christ. All who accept Jesus as lord and savior become citizens of the Kingdom, as well as brothers and sisters. The essence of who each of us is individually is found in our divine purpose. But what I want to stress is that I also do not believe that race and ethnicity are insignificant. I believe wholeheartedly that there is a purpose for it and that we should not minimize a characteristic that has been God-ordained.

One of my absolute favorite places to go here in Atlanta is the Dekalb Farmer’s Market. The majority of the clientele are foreigners from all over the world. There is even a flag of every nation that hangs from the market ceiling. I LOVE seeing the different facial features and skin tones. Hearing the different accents and native tongues is like music to my ears. Maybe it is just the artist in me or the fact that I have traveled abroad that makes me feel this way. Sometimes there are people whom I can’t quite tell their nationality or ethnicity, so I play the guessing game. I’ve even been bold enough to approach such individuals and inquire of them about their nationality. A nice conversation almost always results and I learn something new.

Unfortunately, due to history and human frailty, the very concept of race in this country has become a bad thing. Identifying the race of people has now become negative. What a shame… So because pop culture desires a “post-racial” society, many folks say that they don’t see “color.” I guess people feel that this is the best means to put an end to racism and stereotypes. Personally, I think it is an easy way out of not addressing our own issues surrounding race. I have matured in my walk with the Lord where I can say that I am a man of God first and foremost, and that takes precedence over my ethnicity. However, it doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t appreciate the fact that I’m a Black American man. I should be proud of the skin I’m in. I should be proud of my full lips, my brown eyes and other physical features I possess. Every person on the planet should be proud of who they are because we are all made in His image; each in our own unique way.

Revelation 7:9-10 After these things I looked, and behold, a great multitude which no one could number, of all nations, tribes, peoples, and tongues, standing before the throne and before the Lamb, clothed with white robes, with palm branches in their hands, 10 and crying out with a loud voice, saying, “Salvation belongs to our God who sits on the throne, and to the Lamb!” (NKJV)

God in His magnificent splendor is the original artist that always has been. As I said in my poem, we are all beautiful works of art. We are all original master pieces that He envisioned before time ever existed. I’m not going to ignore His works of art. I choose to see colors because they represent the diverse, endless creativity of the Heavenly Father. I choose to celebrate. I can only imagine the day when we are the great multitude in Revelations 7 worshipping like never before. Colors blended into one that is eternal and represents a beauty that we have yet to see. Amen.

Nathan Allen Copyright© 2012


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