Christian Hollywood

02 May

When I think about the story about who Satan was when he was Lucifer, so many things concerning the entertainment industry, especially the music, make perfect sense. According to Isaiah 14, he was the music minister in the heavens and was the most beautiful out of all of the angels. As we know he got full of himself and believed that he should be equal to the almighty God. He worshipped the gift (music and beauty) instead of the giver and believed that he owned those gifts. His position and level of gifting made him lofty in his own eyes. So when God decided to create mankind, He decreed that the angels would have to bow before man and serve them. Well, this was way too humbling of an act for Lucifer. Of course, we all know there was a war in the heavens and he was thrown out along with one third of the angels. (See Revelation 12:7-10 and Ezekiel 28:12-18) Now he roams the earth and rules principalities, along with his demonic forces. In the demonic realm, he runs the entertainment industry which has proven to be one of the greatest weapons of all time in terms of creating mass deception and distractions from establishing the Kingdom of God in the earth.

There are many directions I could go with this but I want to explore how the spirit of Hollywood has now infiltrated the church at large in this country. Hollywood represents narcissism of the worst kind. It has its own standard of beauty and is all about keeping the average person in awe like a deer in headlights. Hollywood is all about glitz, glam and celebrating people who have some sort of ideal characteristic that pop culture and society cherishes and idolizes. No other country on this planet has nearly as many celebrities as this country. We have become OBSESSED with being celebrated. So it only takes one song, one script, one brand, or one fad for individuals to reach the masses and achieve fame. In this country, almost anybody at any given moment can become a “star” someway, somehow. The arts in this country are HIGHLY celebrated and no other country has an entertainment industry like here. Unfortunately, this mindset has poisoned and perverted the worship arts arena in the body of Christ.

In the Kingdom of God, the arts are used for the same purpose as any other mantel or mountain: To reconcile the lost back to the Father. It is supposed to be the opposite of Hollywood. The purpose is not to entertain but to convict, edify, rebuke, encourage and HEAL the body, but most of all, exalt the name of Jesus and the Heavenly Father. Hollywood is the world system which is a fallen entity and it represents the culture of Satan. What is the culture of Satan? Greed, materialism, commercialism, competition, idolatry, sexuality (outside the covenant of marriage), etc. Sadly, there is now a “Christian Hollywood” that is proving itself to have little to no difference from the world system. Let me give you an example.

A great deal of the Christian music industry operates just like the secular industry. From several sources, I have heard time and time again that the Christian industry is just as cut-throat with business dealings as the secular, if not worse in some cases. More and more music is “industry” but not “Kingdom.” This music has no power to change hearts and minds and is birthed out of head knowledge instead of the wind of the Holy Spirit. I’m not referring to music that has beats or that is unconventional. I’m talking about music that is more focused on “cultural appeal” and that ministers to emotions but not the spirit. Why do so many Gospel songs talk about drama and “having to go through something?” Haven’t we progressed in our walks more than that at this stage of the game? The Word says that we are to go from glory to glory. This music was birthed with the same worldly mindset of coming up with “the next hottest thing.” The focus is on what sound is going to sell. Not on what sound is going to minister. What’s really sad is there is now a show that mimics American Idol and pits individuals who all represent Christ against each other competing for a record deal. Even worse, the judges are major gospel music artists who act like prima donnas and put contestants to shame when they don’t “make the grade.” Where is the Kingdom in this?! They are acting just like the world instead of being set apart. A mentor friend of mine always asks the question, “Would God compete with himself?” I can only imagine how many people who really do have the gift of song got turned away after auditioning and became seriously discouraged. I pray for those who may have shut down because they didn’t fit the “Christian Hollywood” standard. Can’t we see that this is all a ploy of the enemy to keep singers/songwriters/musicians from using their gifts for pure ministry? Shows like this one will only spark jealousy and discord amongst the artisans. The spirit of Hollywood has entered this arena and caused many to chase after it instead of the Kingdom. We now even have a major gospel duo that has their own reality show on TV, and it has NOTHING to do with ministry and advancing the Kingdom. What is the real purpose of being showcased before millions? I think we know the real answer. This is just like Lucifer who wanted to be worshipped instead of worshipping and obeying the One who created him.

I think about the various Christian movies that have come out in recent years. While I acknowledge that movies such as “The Passion of Christ” and “Courageous,” as well as a few others have made a major impact within the body of Christ, there are also several Christian movies that follow the same patterns of Hollywood. It seems like movies that have a true Kingdom message only come out about once every 2-3 years. This should not be! Unfortunately, there are many others that have watered down, cliché messages that only cause people on the outside to mock and scoff. Many of these movies simply showcase popular actors and music artists. The end product is a movie that doesn’t move someone (at least not me) to take action in their own lives. These movies just entertain and often appeal to specific cultures while giving people a false sense of security about their own sinful situations. In my opinion, these movies also have yet to find the perfect medium in terms of depicting real life issues versus light and fluffy depictions due to the fear of “glorifying sin.” Personally, I’m waiting for Christian movies that will begin HONESTLY addressing issues that are often the “elephant in the room.” You know, issues like sexual brokenness, racism, generational curses, leaders dealing with hidden sins, etc. Yes, the real stuff that will CHALLENGE us as believers. But of course, Hollywood’s fear of being too “preachy” or endorsing absolute truths has stained even the Christian movie industry.

So what do we see with the worship arts on a local level? We see individuals desperate to “make it big” in whichever form of worship arts they operate. Nowadays it seems to be a rarity to find worship leaders who aren’t looking for a record deal. Scribes would rather sell books and make the New York Times Best Sellers List than cherishing the obedience to write the pure words of Yah. People are passionate about their crafts more than the establishment of the Kingdom. This is the pride of life. They would rather book engagements and not serve in any real capacity. Lucifer rejected being a servant to God and many people reject using their gifts to serve Him alone and want to be made an idol before men. Why? Because the possibilities in this country are endless. Hollywood is glitz and glam while being a servant (disciple of Christ) is dying to self and esteeming others. Right now, there appears to be a lot of artists, but not many true ministers. A lot of charisma and talent but no ANOINTING. Too many people are being led astray by celebrity leaders in the body of Christ who preach false doctrines. Too much ambition is giving off a foul aroma from the pulpit and there is too much elevation of flesh instead of spirit. Remember, ambition was the very thing that got Lucifer thrown out of heaven.

Now don’t get me wrong. I believe that God lifts up certain people but for His purpose only. However, the artisans that obtain a level of fame or notoriety should be set apart and not acting like celebrities in Hollywood. They should still be HUMBLE. There are in fact people who are supposed to be wealthy but it is only because He can entrust riches to them to build and advance His Kingdom. Not their kingdom. I admit that the spirit of Hollywood is something I have to battle because of my desire to operate vocationally in my craft. It is very hard for me to not admire artists, authors, musicians, professional athletes and the like. That’s why I am so thankful to be a part of Voices of Christ Literary Ministries International. The teaching of this ministry has kept me grounded and helped me to see the heart of the Father regarding the worship arts. I am waiting for my heart to fully believe that only that which I do for Christ will last. Everything else will burn up in the end. Christian Hollywood has brought nothing but entertainment, competition, comparison and compromise to the body of Christ. These are all altars of the demonic realm that Voices of Christ seeks to tear down. All of us in the body of Christ play a part in this and have to make a choice. We are either going to worship God or Baal. The following scripture comes to mind: Matthew 6:24 “No one can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or else he will be loyal to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon.” (NKJV)

The good news is that God is in the act of replacing those ministries that allowed the spirit of Hollywood to pervert them. God is cleaning house. He is blowing the trumpet. I pray that He will send weeping prophets to the Christian entertainment industry to restore order just like He did when He sent Nathan to King David. Eventually, I believe the world will witness PURE MINISTRY like they never had before. These future artisans will know who they are and won’t need to win an Oscar, Grammy, Dove or Stellar award to be affirmed. God will use them to break off the spirit of Hollywood from the area of the worship arts.

Nathan Allen Copyright© 2012


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9 responses to “Christian Hollywood

  1. The P.O.E.T. aka The Anointed Pen

    May 4, 2012 at 10:25 pm

    Well stated & emphatically clear brother! We must get to a place individually & corporately of understanding who we are, what our purpose is & the methods of carrying out that purpose according to GOD”S plan & not our own devices & ideas. There is a remnant being raised up to do just that & will be the light of truth in dark places. Great post clearly speaking truth to an epidemic with grave consequences if we don’t take action.

  2. Kyra

    May 6, 2012 at 11:22 pm

    Wow! Good word, Nathan!

  3. thehiddenpaths

    May 19, 2012 at 8:45 pm

    Great post Nathan….. There are so many Christians who has embraced the mixture that is being presented within the Church not realizing that they are being decieved. Many are claiming that their gifting is making room for them but are not willing to aligned themselves with the Father and his redemptive purposes.

  4. Donovan

    May 25, 2012 at 9:37 am

    This is great news for the body of Christ to hear. God Bless you Nathan for your strong and prophetic voice! //Donovan

  5. Bernard

    May 25, 2012 at 5:30 pm

    My brother Nathan what a keen and piercing word. As I read it last night I was convicted into life. I am in a season where Abba is opening my eyes more and more to Hollywood seduction and He used your article to speak clearer to me.
    I was reading this post just minutes before I went to watch the reality show that you mentioned and I was truly uncomfortable after reading this message. Well about five minutes into the show one of the stars said something about her career or her ministry or whatever you want to call it. When she spoke that my attraction to the show was broken and I stopped watching it. The Holy Spirit used your word, thank you for hearing Him.

  6. dt2strong2quit

    February 25, 2014 at 11:52 pm

    A jarring word penetrating my core. That is because even though I agree about the entertainment industry, the glamorizing(MONETARY) portion of this still appeals to me.Honestly, I mean, cant I perform my talent I have been blessed with , be recognized publicly for it, and experience financial gain without my relationship with the almighty being questioned? I think there is another side to this we can explore. It seems like any kind of public declaration for Christ in any entertainment genre will ultimately will be magnified to the point of oblivion. Anyone agree?

    • SpiritualHardCandy

      February 26, 2014 at 12:30 am

      My brother, we can be compensated for our talents in the entertainment industry and receive some recognition as long as it doesn’t become an IDOL. It is very hard to honor Christ and remain in Hollywood. The problem is that our talents and gifts are supposed to be used for the Kingdom of God. In other words, they are supposed to be used for MINISTRY. It is very hard to do this when money becomes the FOCUS, as well as notoriety. Our gifts and talents have more POWER than we realize but only when used according to His will. The Hollywood system is inherently DEMONIC and it is almost impossible to not compromise when catering to it. Many Christian movies has been fluff for this very reason and people are afraid to minister to the HARD places through the arts. It is all about money and fame. We are not making JESUS famous but are representing ourselves. We have to be willing to be persecuted for His sake, even in the entertainment industry. Unfortunately, many have forgotten this and are more concerned with elevating themselves and making money.

      • dt2strong2quit

        February 27, 2014 at 11:05 am

        Its not my idol. Im just not opposed to being compensated for my talents whether im a part of hollywood or not.

      • SpiritualHardCandy

        February 27, 2014 at 3:14 pm

        Wasn’t accusing anyone of making money an idol. The point is that there is a fine line between entertainment and pure ministry. When ministry no longer exists, souls are not being convicted or saved. People are merely having emotional experiences that allow them to live in a false reality, unaware (or don’t care) of their sinful conditions. We are so entertainment-focused, that many in the body don’t know the difference between ministry and entertainment. Ministry isn’t always going to make you feel good, and it shouldn’t. The whole point of the post is that there is a CELEBRITY culture within the body of Christ when there shouldn’t be. True enough, certain people are going to gain notoriety by default, but we shouldn’t be behaving just like the world. The key word here is STANDARD. Jesus Christ is the only super star. When the FOCUS isn’t on Him and is more on the artist, the actor, the preacher, etc., it is no longer ministry…


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